Beth Bradley's
Housebreaking Your Puppy or Dog

Housebreaking is simply teaching your dog/puppy to understand that you want him to relieve himself outdoors and getting him to accept the idea that he must wait to be taken out. Since this is the first "formal" training which you teach your puppy, housebreaking is the basis for your puppy's future attitude toward training. This is the beginning of the teaching relationship with your puppy.
Your housebreaking and future obedience training should be based on four important principles:
"Becoming angry with your puppy, hitting, shouting or using force may get rid of your anxiety but will cause your puppy to become fearful, resentful, shy or even aggressive. This will make training difficult. A positive, consistent and gentle approach will result in a well-adjusted, friendly and reliable companion."

Housebreaking Your Puppy or Dog includes
• selecting the proper dog food •• information on training aids •
• paper training vs. crate training •• recommended cleaning products •
• information on feeding and watering your puppy •
• how your puppy can teach you when he has to relieve himself •
• how to effectively handle accidents •
• training suggestions to most of the problems you will face housebreaking your puppy or dog •
• and more •

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