Intermediate Obedience Classes

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the Governor’s restrictions on gatherings, we are training outdoors in a fenced parking lot in Butler, NJ, through the summer.

Bergen and Passaic Counties,
Northern New Jersey,
New York Metropolitan Area


Pre-requisite: Beginners On Leash.

Intermediate Obedience:  This 8 week class will help you expand your dog’s vocabulary in addition to teaching hand signals and demanding more attention from your dog.  While focusing on the same commands taught in Basic Obedience, this course will further enhance the relationship between dog and owner. The dog's response to commands will become more consistent and reliable, and the training will build up to off-leash recalls and stays.

June 2020 NEW TIMES
Mondays - 6:30 PM
Wednesdays - 6:30 PM

Cost is $200

Pre-Requisite:  Basic Obedience

(All 8 classes must be taken in a 4 mos. or the classes are forfeited.)

For safety reasons, group classes are operated with a zero-tolerance policy regarding aggression. If your dog has even one instance of unprovoked aggression before, during, or after class, you will be automatically dropped from this class and enrolled in Crazy Canines. There are no refunds for dogs/handlers who discontinue training as a result of this change.
Please note -
No child under 14 years of age can handle a dog in our group classes.