Additional Services

Campus Training

Whether you are planning a vacation or you simply don’t have the time to train your dog, Beth’s Campus Training Program is what your dog needs. Your dog will be trained daily, several times a day for about 15 minutes each session so she can enhance your dog’s attention span without stressing him. Each dog is trained in Beth’s home, not a kennel, giving her the ability to replicate the home environment he already lives. During the time your dog is with Beth for training, he becomes ‘her’ dog and is with her day and night. Because your dog is in Beth’s home with her dogs, she limits this program to 2 dogs, making sure your dog has the individual attention he deserves.

Because each dog and person is an individual, Beth tailors the training to each dog and family. She will teach your dog basic obedience commands focusing on the commands that are important to you, as well as remove any unwanted behaviors or issues that you are encountering.

Once your dog understands what is expected of him she will proof him or her in real life situations or scenarios so she is sure he will respond no matter what the distraction is.

When your dog is finished with the training at Beth’s home, she will give you a written report on his training; the commands, behaviors he learned, etc. and will demonstrate what he has learned and how you can continue to work with him so he understands he must respond to you also.

The basic campus program for on leash is usually 2 weeks. For behavioral issues or off leash work, your dog may need extra time with Beth but she won’t know how much longer until she works with your dog and understands his needs.

Again, every person’s training needs and each dog’s training curriculum are special, Contact Beth today for more information or to schedule your dog’s campus stay.