Hi Beth,
I just wanted to let you know that Becky got a 96 on her FH1 last weekend at Hard Dog Schutzhund Club here on LI. Mike Hamilton was the Judge. It was a kind of a spur of the moment thing. I have you to thank for teaching Becky and me how to track in the first place and for all the help you have given us over the years. You made it possible for us to get great scores in our TR1 (98), TR2(97) TR3(97) and now a FH1(96). Without you Becky would never have gotten her TD & TDX. Anyway I will always be indebted to you for all the help you have given me with Becky.

With Love,
Linda & Becky

As I sit here watching my dog-sons showing off what they’re expertly being taught, I wonder what took me so long to have Beth Bradley train our dogs…. We are so impressed that we want to continue training with her for all levels. Many thanks and appreciation of your skill and communication, our dogs seem happy to learn with Beth!

Cheri Smith, DVM

Nancy and I just want to thank you again for all your help with Bruno & Rocco. Your professionalism and knowledge along with your friendly personality made the experience a real pleasure. Thanks for all your recommendations (collars, diet, kennels) along with letting us pick your brain about the little things. You will be highly recommended to any who needs a great trainer and we will keep in touch.

Thanks again.
Pete Blair

Hi Beth, Happy Holidays! Just a quick note to let you know that Charlie is doing great! He still has boundless energy, but is so sweet and good. He goes to the dog park 5 days a week with his play group, and he has turned me into a runner. We are up to 3 miles together. And it is so nice to hear from his dog park “nanny” and others about how well behaved and good natured he is. We have all come to understand and love him! I did not want to let the year end without thanking you for your expertise, patience, and willingness to help us. Best wishes for the new year!

Jennifer, Don, Emma and Charlie (and Maddy).

Beth- Good stuff with Kaya today. She’s been doing therapy dog visits through Creature Comfort at the Veterans and assisted livings places — but today she went to Newark Airport for United Paws. So I have to share. United brings in therapy dogs to help travelers destress the next 3 days. Didn’t really know what to expect but it went really well. We can’t thank you enough for helping us with her. Couple photos attached

Have a very Merry Christmas David and Laura

Hi, Beth, It has been such amazing Mondays for Seele and myself! She has learned a lot, so have I. Every single class encouraged us so much and gave us a motive and goal to achieve. We kept practicing the things we had learned in the class during our walk and exercise. It makes me happy to see a “happy” dog who is physically and mentally challenged everyday and to see that healthy spirit grow day by day. So, thank you so much for what you have been doing for all canines and their happy owners. We are so grateful to you. Cheers + looking forward to coming Thursdays!

Rimiko & Seele

Hi Beth, You gave me the best Christmas present – Max is the best dog, I am so proud of him, every time I take him for walks, he is just great with distractions – he sits, stays and walks like a little gentleman. People are amazed when I tell them he is only 1 year old, they find him so well behaved. Thanks a million. Have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year.

Antoinette & Robert Sicurelli

Beth, This weekend we had 2 large party’s at our house. Fortunately, for us, most of the people who came by were dog people. I have to tell you, Tallulah was great! Everyone complimented us on how well she was trained and behaved. The only problem was the 4 little kids yesterday who wouldn’t leave her alone. They were fascinated with her giving her paw. She got a little scared when one of them started to jump out and scare her. I nipped that in the butt immediately.
Thanks, once again for all your help and instruction.
PS- I have to admit, I do show off with her occasionally too…

Peter & Carla Dunphy

Dear Beth,
A quick message to introduce you to Eli “Hayden” Vom Bauerhaus born July 16, 2010. I am pleased to say he is the offspring of Nathan and Aggi Vom Bauerhaus. Hayden is truly a spectacular animal. He is extremely smart and has drive and agility that won’t quit! Every day I am amazed as to how intelligent this breed is. He has been a joy and so far has been a remarkably loyal and obedient puppy. This is a credit to you (and the Daniels) for your exceptional breeding practices.
Although Hayden is my Son’s puppy, I have become his favorite”Lamb”. He has truly stolen my heart.
I have enclosed a few pictures of Hayden.
Peace and Many Blessings!

Tracie D. Mattison

Hi Beth, Just a quick “thank you” for the great Basic Obedience training course which we completed on Saturday. Having never had a dog before, I was really clueless as to how to train a puppy. Before coming to your classes, I was often frustrated in my handling of Meiko. Now I am happy to say that she is like a different dog and we have much more fun together. I congratulate you on all your accomplishments. There are certainly deserved!

All the best, Sheri Blauvelt

Hi Beth, So as I mentioned earlier, we let Tucker go today. He was basically paralyzed from the neck down. The final 24 hours were grueling but we were (and are) 100% confident in the decision. We had to honor Tucker’s commitment to us by making that commitment to him.
For some time now, I had envisioned writing you five or six years from now after Tucker had lived a full life thanking you. I didn’t expect it to be this soon. However, Jenn and I want to thank you. I look back at where we were a little over four years ago. We had a dog that we loved dearly, who was all we really knew. And then Joey comes along and things changed. And then our dog tried to bite our son. I know some people will never be convinced that he really trie to bite him. I had people tell me “if he wanted to bite him, he would have”. All I can say is I was there. I know what happened.

The weeks that followed were some of the most difficult we faced. We had a beautiful newborn baby and a dog we loved, but we agonized over what to do. The “right” decision was probably to give Tucker away. Maybe that was the smart decision and I just wasn’t strong enough to do it. But we chose a different path. I talked to several trainers before meeting with you. I still remember the first meeting in your old facility in Paterson. You watched me try to heel him around the room a bit. Then you asked if you could try a different collar. Then you walked him and corrected him twice. Then he wouldn’t leave your side. I remember you saying “you have an equipment problem” with a smile. But it wasn’t just that…you also taught us how to re-establish the proper order in our house.

Your training and guidance allowed us to keep Tucker. To continue to have him as part of our family. To allow both of our boys to experience a wonderful dog. To give Jenn and I an extra 4+ years with him we might not have had otherwise. He really became a great family pet. It did take time, but we eventually had 100% trust with him and the boys together. Tucker “got it”.

Right now we’re in “we’ll never get another dog” mode but we know that will change and probably change in the not too distant future. And we know without doubt where we’ll be heading for training from Day 1. 🙂
Thanks again. I hope my words can convey how much of an impact you had.


Hi Beth,
Today is Ellie’s 1 year anniversary of her dog training. She is doing wonderful. Ellie has really come full circle this past year. I get complemented all the time on how well behaved she is. She has really mature this past year. She is now 2 1/2 yrs old. She still has alot of puppy play in her. She is so much fun. I am taking her hiking every weekend-she loves it. She seems too have much more confidence on the trails this year and is no longer intimidated or gets shittish when people come towards her on the trail. I have sunch a wonderful relatioship with Ellie. She really listens well to me. I continue to do all the things you taught me with her training and it has payed off well. I hope you have a wonderful summer with your dogs. good luck in your competitions. Did you get the pictures i sent you in the fall? Keep in touch — I will do the same.

Jane Monahan and Ellie(my dingo)

Thank you!! After all these years, your training methods have been ‘real’ world dog training. You have made me a better person for my dogs. We understand each other better. Thank you, again!!

Bo Yaremko

A big thank you to Beth –
Bella is a changed dog! We know just how stubborn she was – you did what we didn’t believe could be done.
It was well worth the investment! We hope to see you again for one of your training classes.

Kind regards, Kristin R.

Hi Beth,
Ellie is doing great. she has hardly tested me at all.she is doing very well on heel walking. I took her the past two days on 2 hour walks with long heel walking mixed in with off command walking -no problem. i can’t believe how much calmer she is. after walks she comes in and lies down. She never used to do that. Even when I wake up in the morning she doesn’t nudge me anymore. Very well behaved; she also used to start running around playing with her red squeaky ball. Very calm and submissive now. She truly is a new dog-you did a remarkable job with her. All my friends are so impressed. I will keep you posted.

Training is often what helps a homeless dog cross over to becoming a beloved family pet. For years, Beth Bradley has offered our adopters a free evaluation and basic obedience lesson that we encourage everyone to take advantage of. We have heard nothing but praise from our adopters that have wisely taken her class and started off on the right foot.
Additionally, Beth has offered counseling to families that were considering giving their dog up to the shelter for behavior issues and has been able to correct the problem and prevent the animals surrender. In one recent case with a frightened dog, Beth came to evaluate him for us and ended up taking him home to foster and train him for a week. The result? A well adjusted dog that was adopted into a happy home.
Our shelter is fortunate to have access to a professional of Beth’s caliber, she can make the difference.
Evelyn Ackley – Raps
Friends of the Shelter, Clifton

It’s hard to find the right words to thank you for what you’ve done with Xara, Beth.
Everything I think of just sounds trite when written, but I want to give you my heartfelt thank you for the work you’ve done with her so far. I didn’t think you would accomplish so much with her in such a relatively short period of time.
She had a good day, needed some corrections, but I expected that and know she will continue to test me and I will continue to be consistent with her. She’s been very good in the house and I’ve had no trouble with people coming to the door. It did me a world of good to have you stay and work with them with all the commotion going on.
I’m deeply grateful for all you’ve done and feel very lucky to be working with you.
Linda Pawloski

Hi Beth
Jim and I wanted to thank you so much for all that you have done to help us with training Diesel and Mack. We are so proud of how far they have come along since we have all been working with you. And the fact that they tested well last week and especially last night – even with Mack being so timid and needy at times – well, we could never have accomplished this without you. We hope that once we are able to get them out there to visit in hospitals and nursing homes they are able to spread a smile or two along the way. They do love people and attention.
We receive many compliments when we are out with them on how well behaved they are and that’s really a good feeling – especially because they are still fairly young. It is our goal to keep them training and building on what they’ve already learned. They really are just two very happy dogs….but are able to buckle down when asked.
And I’ve attached a picture of them taken at Petco on Dec 4th … we were there for about 1 hour with easily 15 other dogs milling about and people fussing all over them. They stayed sitting or laying at our side listening to corrections when given. Diesel of course gave “Santa” a complete face wash….
Thanks again
Diane and Jim

Hi Beth,
I did not get a chance to stop by last night. Once again, mere words cannot begin to express our heartfelt gratitude for helping us make Cooper a better canine!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,
Wendy & Bruce

We did it!! His tracking was super!!!!! Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Hi Beth-
I just wanted to let you know about our latest adventure. We finally took Maggie into a Petco store!
We’ve always seen how other people bring their dogs in, so today we decided- “what the hell.”
I was confident with the way Maggie has been doing and the tools you’ve given us that we’d be able to handle just about anything that came around. She was her usual excited self as soon as we walked in. She was going crazy smelling everything in her path( we’ve nicknamed her Super Snoot). I controlled her while Carla got a cart and we proceeded down the aisles. There were a few small dogs to watch out for. They were barking and a little aggressive, so I just gave Maggie a command and kept moving. I would have her sit while we looked at certain things on the aisle and if we took too long she would start singing just like she does in class. When we went to pay once again I had her sit at my side while Carla took care of that. I have to tell you how happy we are with being able to do something as simple as that. And we get lots of compliments on how well she behaves, thanks to you. People also say how pretty she is, but none of us can take the credit for that-that was the Guy upstairs.
Thanks again for everything,

A big thank you to Beth – Bella is a changed dog! We know just how stubborn she was – you did what we didn’t believe could be done. It was well worth the investment!
We hope to see you again for one of your training classes.

Kind regards,
Kristin R.

Great Trainer, Great Website, Only person I have ever met that knows how and what a dog is thinking. You’ve helped me with so many obstacles and I want to thank you. Would recommend your services to everyone!

After having doggie guests at my house, I realized how important it was to have my dog know basic obedience. Beth, thank you for training my dog…could not have made it through those days without my obedience skills.


Congratulations Beth on all your accomplishments. All my dogs, past and present, have benefited greatly from your training. Thanks for everything.


I have had the pleasure of attending both of your beginner’s and advanced classes. Your knowledge and insightfulness into a dog’s behavior is extraordinary. Now, I love to watch the new beginner’s classes. The dogs come in barking, pulling and out of control. When they leave, they are quiet and controlled. Awesome!


Beth, Your training methods really work !!! Thanks to you I have a dog who’s really fun to be with.


More people should know about Beth and the ability to understand/train in both AKC obedience mode and Schutzhund …. she is one of the few I know in this area who do both, wish I had found her a few years earlier.

John Piznak

Our family had scheduled a vacation in February to escape the cold weather. Naturally, we needed a place for our family pet (Sam, 1yr old Springer Spaniel) to stay during that time. Instead of a kennel, we opted to have Sam stay with Beth for 2 weeks of campus training and we are absolutely ecstatic. She took a good dog and made him into an excellent family member. I don’t know how she did it, but thanks to Beth, we now invite friends over without worrying about Sam’s jumping. He is a delight to be around. We highly recommend Beth Bradley for any of your training needs.
Thank you Beth!

I can’t thank you enough for helping me through my issues with my GSD and his preparation for his UD title in the AKC world. It has not been an easy road but your training ideas, theories, and homework assignments have paid off tremendously. You are so talented with dogs that I think you can understand them better than ANYONE I have met during my obedience showing career. Thank you again Beth.

Boreas and Lori

Hi Beth, I met you at the GPSC trial on Sat in May under Bogdan Sergo. I was the guy with the female in the BH, you held my video camera for me until my friend came back. I just wanted to write to you and tell you that you are an inspiration to me becuase of your incredible achievements with Anya. I wish I had seen you with her. Congratulations on all your results with her and being invited to the FCI World’s. I wish you luck there and I hope to see you around!

Scott Allen

Got the CD’s and never knew how much pleasure it would be to train my dogs. I’ve had dog’s all my life and never considered feeding my puppy by hand before. What GREAT RESULTS!!!!
Beth, You’re a Genius….

Beth, You never cease to amaze me. Not only do you have the ability to understand why a handler and dog are having a specific problem, but you continually come up with inventive solutions. There is no problem too big for a Beth Bradley solution. Thanks to you, Von Hottenstein’s Delight UD made it to the Top Ten Rott list 2 years in a row. Thanks again.

Debi, Darby & Cash

Dear Beth, I just completed your On-leash Obedience class with my puppy “Bailey”. I can’t thank you
enough for the class! I have seen a great change in my puppy’s behavior. Thanks to you, Bailey is well on her
way to being a well mannered dog! Not only did I enjoy your class but Bailey did also.
We are looking forward to attending you Advanced On-Leash class.

Dianne Berg

I just had a frightening experience that proved once again how invaluable your dog training programs are. My neighbor’s huge male Akita got loose and decided to prowl the neighborhood. A large portion of my yard is fenced and the dog came onto my property and started a serious “fence fight” with my male GSD. The growling and barking was at a level I had never heard before. After I few seconds of screaming at both dogs, I commanded my dog to come. He left the CRAZY dog at the fence and came to me immediately. (Later I found out that another dog was attacked by the Akita the same night.) I hate to think of what could have happened if the fence fight had continued. (Either dog was capable of going over or through the fence). Knowing that my dog would respond to me in such an intense situation gives me great peace of mind. I just wish everyone would take advantage of your training services.

Thanks again,

Congratulations on your most recent success – High-Scoring Female May 2003 at North American ScH3 Championship. It is no wonder your training programs work. Your methods are proven over and over again with top scoring dogs.


Success should be spelled B-E-T-H-B-R-A-D-L-E-Y! Thank you again Beth for your wonderful “competition” training program. Your insight into dog behavior and personal experience in obedience competitions have provided the perfect training venue for handlers who want to succeed in AKC trials. Your training methods really work

Friends of mine recently bought a lab puppy and have been complaining that he is ‘out of control’. I knew they lived too far to take one of your classes so I purchased your puppy kindergarten CD program for them. After just a couple weeks of following the CD, they are raving at what a difference it made in their puppy. He knows sit, stay, come and down/stay and it has quieted him down a lot. They claim, “It’s a miracle.” Thanks for a wonderful product.

Dear Beth, Thanks for an excellent obedience training class ” Dixie ” and I just completed. Dixie ‘s accomplishments make us proud parents! Looking forward to the next session of classes. Thanks Again!

Dixie and Evelyn Althouse

Beth: You worked miracles with Hannah. She is a completely different dog than she was before I left her for Campus Training. I always knew the ‘good dog’ was in there somewhere. Thanks for returning sanity to my house.

Gary Kozusko

After the last dog fight, I thought I would have to place one of my dear dogs in another home. Thankfully, I was introduced to Beth and not only are my dogs living in the same house without arguing but are actually beginning to play together. Thanks Beth, for keeping our ‘family’ together.

Six weeks ago, my dog was winning the Alpha race. I was the big loser and afraid I was going to get hurt or someone in my family was going to get hurt. Beth, you helped me understand the dynamics of our relationship and become Alpha again without getting physical with my ‘boy’ or hurt by him. You also showed me how to read him and look for signs of dominance on his part. Thank you.

Hi Beth: Dixie and I just completed the Advanced Obedience class with you. I love to walk with my dog. Dixie ‘s behavior on our walks has improved tremendously! We are both happy about this fact. We’re looking forward to additional classes to improve her ability to “stay tuned” to me, when off the leash. Thanks again!!

Evelyn & Dixie Althouse

Hello Beth, We just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how Ian is progressing. It is amazing. We have seen such improvements. Our cat, Sandi, has also gotten some courage and we really think the cat is trying to mess with Ian. Even though Ian is on a lead at all times by our side while we are home, Sandi continues to approach him with caution and comes around for a bit. They were both even laying on the bed with us this morning for a few minutes, with nothing but my leg separating them. I As an update on everything else, we are working the commands with him and he is doing very well Overall, everything is going quite well. Thanks again for your very much needed assistance and teaching our puppy some very needed manners and respect.

Rachael & Mickey

I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ again. Cash got his 2nd UD leg with an awesome score. I wish you could have heard the comments made at ringside. Everyone was very impressed, especially when they realized how young he is. You are the best, Beth. We never could have done it without you. Just one to go, yeah.


Beth, I took your advise and had my Doberman tested for hypothyroid disorder. It turns out that he has it, in fact his level was at 1.0 which is dangerously low as you know a healthy thyroid level is between 3.5 and 4. My vet also concluded that his unprompted aggression, mood swings,weight loss and coat problems were all due to the thyroid problem. He has been on medication now for 3 weeks and he has gained 8 lbs, his coat is the best looking it has ever been and he is back to his old self, all thanks to you. My Vet even said that “you definitely know your stuff” Thanks again for your help you saved my Dobe.

Well, we did it! It is so hard to believe that just a few years ago I had never taken a dog into the obedience ring. Now I have two dogs (a Rott and GSD)that have attained their Utility Dog titles; both did it easily by the time they were 3 years old. All the credit goes to Beth Bradley, who took a very green Novice handler and taught me more than enough to obtain not one but two Utility titles – one of AKC’s most difficult titles to achieve. Thanks, Beth. You are the best!

Thanks for making me understand that training my dog(s) can and should be fun for both handler and dog. They love to work and I truly enjoy putting them through their paces.

Beth, Without your guidance and help, Magic and I could never have accomplished what we have done so far. You are truly the best trainer and I recommend you to everyone. Your accomplishments and the accomplishments of your students are a walking testimonial.

Thank you. Ann Marie

I saw you work an uncontrollable Shar-Pei to an obedience, well manner, companion, in just a week. I was told that it took just two private lessons and I was so impressed. I think your training methods are unapproachable and you have such a talent. What a great job Beth and my congratulations to the owner for his commitment to his shelter dog.

I wanted to let you know how much I have learned and used the Basic and Puppy Kindergarten CDs . I have a seven month old german shepherd that is learned very quickly and I believe the CD’s are making it much more enjoyable for both of us. The video clips are wonderful It is much easier than just reading about it.

Thanks again! Dawn & “Rebel”

Thank you for taking Sadie on. We see a dramatic improvement in her training and we will continue to work with her. The aggressions is something that we will continue to work on also. She has been very aggressive with our other dog since she came home. We have taken your advice and keep her crated at night. And are using the collar as you instructed as well. Hopefully we will be able to break her of this desire to be the dominant dog. What is funny about it – our other dog could care less. But Sadie is determined. Again, thank you – all your hard work is abundantly clear.

John & Amy Donnelly

Annie Magee is turning into a sweet, obedient girl. She’s just over 4 months old. She LOVES Beth. Beth’s training is so gentle Annie responds very well. I can see Beth Bradley is going to be in our future for a while. I’m hoping we will get to CGC and Therapy Dog as Annie matures.

Dear Beth,
We can not even thank you enough for the time and dedication you gave to our puppy “Teagan”… First I would like to thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. Our friends and family tell us all the time what a change they notice in Teagan and can not even believe that it is the same dog. When we came to you, we were at the end of our leash with Teagan, as her behavior was having a significantly negative impact on our family, now she is one of the family. We are so impressed with her, but mostly your dog training skills.

Carol & Jay, East Hampton, New York

Beth, Just a quick note to say thanks. I just took Sarge to the vet for his check up & shots. Everyone in the office commented on how well behaved Sarge was and how well he listened to me. He even obeyed the stand command! Thanks for helping to make my buddy a “good” dog.

My boyfriend and I got a dog (a year-old female pointer hound) about 2 months ago; your book was a god-send. I’ve never had a dog before and I referred to your book for so many things. Thank you so much! I’m really glad I had the opportunity to work on your book with you, and if there is anything you need help with, just let me know.

Hi Beth,
I just wanted to let you know that Becky got a 96 on her FH1 last weekend at Hard Dog Schutzhund Club here on LI. Mike Hamilton was the Judge. It was a kind of a spur of the moment thing. I have you to thank for teaching Becky and me how to track in the first place and for all the help you have given us over the years. You made it possible for us to get great scores in our TR1 (98), TR2(97) TR3(97) and now a FH1(96). Without you Becky would never have gotten her TD & TDX. Anyway I will always be indebted to you for all the help you have given me with Becky.

With Love,
Linda & Becky

Hi Beth,
Thanks to you and all of Darla’s training, she was well behaved at the photo shoot with santa. The camera person called her
a pro. Hope the picture makes you laugh.
Happy Holidays!

Karen & Dave