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Dumbbell Retrieve: For a Quick, Happy, and Proper Retrieve

This video series consists of unedited videos of me teaching my dog Brix the retrieve. Brix is 14 mos old at the inception of this series.  The videos are unedited so you can see the mistakes made by both the dog and the handler (Me!)

This is a 4 part series teaching the Dumbbell Retrieve for a quick, happy and proper retrieve. 

Part 1 will teach the dog to reach and hold the dowel in the proper position ending with the transition to the dumbbell. 

Part 2 is teaches the dog the game of picking up both the IGP 1 and 3 dumbbell; which will add drive both going to and returning with the dumbbell while maintaining a firm grip on the dumbbell

Part 3 teaches the use of the E Collar for the and games to make the retrieve fun yet proper

Part 4 teaches the ‘Trial picture’ for the flat retrieve and how to begin teaching the jumps

Access to video will be granted once payment is received. 

Part 1:

Cost: $35.00

Part 2:

Cost: $35.00

Part 3:

Cost: $35.00

*please note your email address must be linked with google in order to access the videos.