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Group Classes will resume April 26, 2023

“When a dog goes bad, the fault lies with his master”  George R.R. Martin

Beth offers group classes and specialty training programs for every level. From basic puppy kindergarten to the most advanced competition and dog sport levels, you will be taught proven handling techniques that will enable you to train your own dog. Whether it is your beloved pet who just needs to learn some manners or your international competition dog, Beth Bradley has the program for you.

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Please note: For safety reasons, group classes are operated with a zero-tolerance policy regarding aggression. If your dog has even one instance of unprovoked aggression before, during, or after class, you will be automatically dropped from this class and you must do private lessons. There are no refunds for dogs/handlers who discontinue training as a result of this change.

No child under 14 years of age can handle a dog in our group classes.

If group classes don’t fit your needs, check out Beth’s Specialty Programs and if you need to work on a specific behavioral issue Beth also offers 1:1 training. Contact Beth today for more information.