Specialty Programs

Basic Obedience Fast Track Program (BOFTP)

Minimum Age 5 Months

Puppies and Young or untrained dogs need to learn in a sterile environment with minimal distractions; that is why I developed my BOFTP. This is a fast paced Private lesson program designed to teach Basic On Leash Obedience to your dog but also teach YOU dog behavior and strategies for your dog’s success in all situations and with all problems. Your dog will learn basic good manners (Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Heel,etc.) on leash. In addition, all common behavioral problems will be specifically addressed which will include jumping, barking, chewing,mouthing and housebreaking. When your dog is ready, usually by lesson 3 or 4, he will be introduced to trained dogs, learn how to behave and socialize appropriately and work under the distractions of other dogs and in different situations. This is again where my lessons differ from other trainers; training in the same environment each week will only teach the dog he has to behave in that environment with those dogs; vs my training which is different environments (once the dog is ready) and different dogs we will meet while going to different environments. Each week you will learn exercises which you will practice; the following week builds upon those exercises and teaches new exercises. With this program, you have access to me via email for any questions you may have. Upon completion of this program your dog will understand these commands as well as learn how to behave appropriately when around other dogs and no matter where you take him/her. You will also be prepared to enroll in my Intermediate Group classes, with other dogs.

5-week course / 30 minute sessions/once per week – $500
Location: Denville, NJ ( This program is only in Denville, if you would like me to travel to your home please look at my private lessons)

Suggested Pre-requisite but not required: Puppy Kindergarten

All lessons must be completed in 5 weeks or lessons are forfeited. Cancellations must be made within 24 hrs, or you forfeit that lesson. All no shows are considered a forfeited lesson.
(This training can also be held at your home for an additional cost)

Contact Beth today for more information or to schedule a lesson.