Beth’s Training Philosophy

Beth Bradley’s positive approach to dog training will enable you to have a well-mannered dog that listens to you; it’s owner and not just a professional trainer. (To learn more about Beth’s training philosopy, please read her training articles.) Her experience, as both a trainer and top competitor, give her the unique ability to teach you how to handle your loving pet and/or compete at the highest levels.

Beth prides herself in creating a training program that can be individualized to each dog’s temperament and needs. No two dogs are alike, therefore, no two dogs can be trained identically. Beth will constantly make changes to every dog’s program to receive the optimal results. Whether the dog is having behavioral issues or just needs to be obedient, Beth can provide you with the skills and program which best suits your dog and your family. Beth guarantees if you follow the method she has created for your dog, you and your family will be more than satisfied. Visit her testimonial link to see what Beth has done for other dogs.

Beth believes all dogs can be trained and should be trained. Every family should have a well-mannered dog that is a joy to have in both public and private sectors. Beth believes it doesn’t matter what the age or breed of the dog is, it is the owner’s desire to have a well-trained dog that makes her program work.

Because there is no certification for dog trainers, Beth believes it is important to compete with her own dogs; this way she is putting her techniques to the test and judging of other professionals involved in the training of dogs. Many of Beth’s clients also compete with their dogs under Beth’s guidance. Beth also attends seminars every year to keep herself educated on new training techniques and new equipment.