Teething is more likely to involve chewing on household items whereas play biting is a form of social play.  When your puppy is biting you, he is biting because he considers you ‘another puppy’ not an Alpha or leader.  If you are providing your dog with enough play, attention and exercise, this behavior should be a rare occurrence.  Teething on furniture etc. is a natural behavior in all puppies 

Confinement and Attention 

My puppies are crated when I am not paying attention to them.  They do not have the run of the house.  They come out at times when I can give them my undivided attention and that means no texting, television or phone calls; if I have to answer the door, they go in the crate.  It’s the puppy’s time with me, undivided attention.  The reason I do this, is they will get into trouble and I do not want to put them in a position to make mistakes or do what puppies do and then have to reprimand them.  Also, if I’m not watching them they may scoop up a sock or chew up something dangerous.  Puppies are oral, everything goes in their mouths.  If they have my undivided attention, they will always be safe; as will your furniture. 

What else can I do? 

Other techniques involve using sprays to make the furniture taste bad and disciplining when you catch them in the act.  I believe that your puppy should wear the collar and leash in the house at all times and be attached to you so you can eliminate the ability to chew on your ‘stuff’.    


If you don’t like a behavior, think about your puppy like a puppy not a dog or a human.  Stay one step ahead of misbehavior and make sure you are walking your puppy a lot.  A tired puppy is a good puppy.  The best way to stop the mouthing is to never place your dog in a position where he can mouth.