E collar training and How to Use it

Using a remote training collar is not difficult. However, it is not entirely easy either. Too often people have the misguided notion that once your dog learns how to respond to the stimulation, there is no need to access each situation and adjust the “Number” so that your dog will respond to your command.

The challenge people struggle with is learning how to adjust the dial to use a level of stimulation appropriate for the dog’s sensitivity at that given moment. It involves learning to watch the dog rather than the dial. The dial provides a reference point, but the level you use will not be the same for every situation. The intensity can go up or down depending on how excited or adrenalized the dog is. A dog’s sensitivity fluctuates just as ours does when we experience changes in adrenaline level.  When your dogs become hyper aroused about a situation in their environment, they simply will not notice the same level they do when things are “normal” or calm in the surroundings.

An appropriate level will cause the dog to “do something” and stop the behavior. If your dog just continues doing whatever he was doing, then the level is too low and you need to turn up the stimulation until you see some behavioral change.

This is why it is so important to learn to be proactive in the training and management of your dog. The sooner you can interrupt Fido’s attention and refocus him on you or another task, the easier it will be to maintain control.

Learning to find the right level of stimulation to train with is about keeping your eyes on your dog rather than on the dial of your transmitter.  Keep in mind, your dog will learn quicker by one good correction than by 20 little corrections that do not stop the behavior.