Treat Your Dog Like a Dog

When you adopt or buy a puppy/dog and bring it into your home, it is important that you remember to treat it like a dog. Many behavioral problems are environmental. Admit it it’s your fault. Stop blaming the breeder, the breed and everyone else under the sun and take responsibility for your mistakes. You’re the one who created the monster.Yes, some behavioral problems have to do with genetics (and can be controlled early on) but most are learned from the owners. If your dog is exhibiting some unwanted behavior it is the time to analyze how you treat him. Here are some behavioral type of problems. Jumping –the main problem is as a puppy you carried him. It is extremely annoying to see someone carrying a Lab or Shepherd around. This is going to be a big dog that wants to jump and be near your face as if you were carrying them. Aggressive play –how many times do I have to say keep the leash on your dogs at all times. You are perpetuating the problem by allowing him to get away with it. Fear –stop making him shy or a crybaby. If he doesn’t want to go up the stairs, too bad. Make him, especially if he is going to be a big dog. If he is afraid of people or dogs too bad, give him a command and make him obey (strangers don’t have to pet him and he doesn’t have to play with other dogs but if you told him to down & stay and he better do it). Finicky eaters –hey they lick their butts and will eat cat or dog feces, how finicky can they be? If they don’t want to eat what’s being served –too bad.Yes, your dog is part of your family but when dealing with him treat him like a dog (like his mother would) not a human. They don’t think like humans and they don’t feel like humans (if they did they certainly wouldn’t lick their butts) don’t try to associate how you feel with how they should feel –it’s not the same.