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Platform and Stay Training Video

Targeting teaches your dog to touch an object with a part of his body. The most common body parts dog might use for targeting are nose and paws. Teaching your dog a platform teaches your dog to touch an object with his paws.
In this webinar Beth will show you how she teaches a platform touch with the dog’s paws or body using different types of ‘platforms” and at the same time creating attention and eye contact while training.  It is the fundamental exercise she teaches all of her own dogs, because it is then easy to teach them to use other parts of their body for different obedience exercises.

A few uses for platform training:

  • Confidence: for objects and people. Once your dog enjoys climbing on a pallet, grooming tables and Veterinary tables are fun and easy.
  • Crate Training:  Teaching your puppy to willingly go into his crate
  • Place or Bed Training:  Teaching your puppy or dog to go bed or place
  • Grooming tasks: brushing, trimming nails, brushing teeth, going to bed/place and more
  • Positioning:  for teaching a blind search, jump or A frame
  • Fronts: Beth’s dogs learn that reinforcement comes when they touch their chin to my belly.  It makes for a very close recall.
  • Finishes: Teaching head position in the Basic Position and learning how to maintain heel position.
  • Other behaviors: teaching a dog to hold a dumbbell close in front to handler, fun tricks like “high 5”, “shake a paw” and “roll over.” Beth has even used this behavior to teach her dogs to go to a mark on a television and/or movie set and do a desired behavior.

Adding the Stay Command:
Once the dog is taught to touch a part of his body to a specific spot or object, it is time to strengthen the skill by adding time duration and distraction; thereby instilling a strong stay command with your dog.

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Cost: $25.00