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    SG Leopold vom Quellwasser, IGP3

    DOB 11/11/17 Hips “a” normal, Elbows “a” normal LUW 1 Leo is Beth’s new competition dog. Leo is sired by Hercules Vom Grossen Ex IPO 3 and is a prime example of the drive that comes from the Grossen Ex lines.Hercules has been stamping all of his puppies with great orthopedics and temperament for the work.Leo has incredible food, prey drive, and has showed his civil side in protection from a young age. Leo wants to please and wants to work. Leo’s Dam side is Heike Ze Stribreneho Kamene, IPO 1. Not only does Leo have a great work ethic, his temperament and personality are extraordinary. Leo is safe with…

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    SG Argo Von Schweizer, IGP3

    DOB:  12/17/15 Hips/Elbows: “A” from  Germany.  LUW: 0 Argo’s  has incredible food and prey drive, as well as, power and courage.  Argo wants to please and wants to work.  Not only does Argo have a great work ethic, his temperament and personality are extraordinary.  Argo is safe with people and dogs (male and female), not handler aggressive and works with a clear head. Argo’s Father side goes back to the Staatsmacht kennel which produces strong working lines.  Argo’s Mother’s side goes back to Nathan von Fegelhof, another multiple world team competitor and the great Fegelhof lines in Germany and Zwinger Vom Patiala German Shepherds; America’s most noteworthy breeders.  Sire: Fyte…